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Other Payment Options Available at a PayPal Casino

Have you ever been dissuaded from joining a PayPal casino before because you thought you were required to use the e-wallet system PayPal? Well, you are not the only one, however, this reasoning really could not be further from the truth and players can enjoy making deposits and withdrawals via a variety of different payment methods! If this news has rocked your online casino gaming world then carry on reading for all the info that you need to start making deposits and wagering on games found at PayPal casino sites.

How You Can Deposit Cash at a PayPal Casino

As we mentioned before, there are actually many different ways in which players can deposit their hard-earned cash at a PayPal casino.
Another popular, quick and easy way to deposit your cash at a PayPal casino is to use your bank card! Players can simply use their credit or debit card, which is normally Visa, Mastercard or Maestro, to deposit cash online. Players also have the option to set up a bank wire transfer and both work similarly in that players only need to enter in a few of their banking details to then quickly deposit their cash. This method is not seen as the safest and this is why many players have turned to the PayPal casino and other forms of payment.
Players love to deposit their cash using other payment options such as pay by phone bill. This form of depositing means that players need never hand over any of their personal banking details and all you need is a working mobile phone number. Once you have text the PayPal casino how much you would like to deposit, you then confirm this and your account will be instantly credited. Although we wish this was free money, unfortunately, it is not and players will have to pay their deposits alongside their monthly phone bill. Paypal casino sites
Finally, another cool way you can deposit cash at a PayPal casino is to use a payment method such as Paysafe Card. If you are a player who does not want to enter in any of their personal details online then this could be a great option for you. With this payment method, players essentially buy the card at their local shops and with it they will receive a unique code. When making a deposit online, players will enter the code of this one-time card and then that’s you ready to start playing!

Why You Should a PayPal Casino

While we love the payment options mentioned above, ultimately the best way to play at a PayPal casino is to use the payment method PayPal. PayPal is a fantastic e-wallet service that allows players to deposit their cash quickly and smoothly, plus it gives you complete peace of mind as you are sitting enjoying your favourite games that your cash is in safe hands.